Cutting-edge technology for detailed retinal imaging

At Eye2Eye Vision, we care deeply about our patients’ overall eye health. One essential part of our care is the dilated retinal exam, which helps screen for and monitor eye conditions and diseases. However, we understand that the dilating drops used for this exam can cause discomfort and affect vision for several hours afterward. That’s why we offer an alternative: the Optos retinal photo.

The Optos instrument takes a non-invasive, ultra-widefield digital image of the retina. This image provides all the necessary information for a comprehensive evaluation of both your systemic (overall health) and ocular (eye health) conditions. The benefits of choosing the Optos retinal photo include:

No Dilating Drops: You won’t need dilating drops, which can be uncomfortable, and you won’t experience the vision side effects that follow their use.

Great for Children: It’s especially useful for children, as we can establish a baseline for their retinal health without the need for dilating drops. This ensures a more comfortable and less intimidating experience.

Thorough Evaluation: The Optos image allows us to perform a proper evaluation without the need for dilation, ensuring we don’t miss any important details about your eye health.

At Eye2Eye Vision, we prioritize your comfort and the quality of care you receive. Our Optos retinal photo option is just one way we make sure you get the best care possible.

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