Choosing the right eyeglass frames

Your glasses say a lot about your personality and style. At Eye2Eye Vision, we’re here to help you pick frames that enhance your look. Our experienced optometry professionals work closely with you to choose frames that fit your budget, match your cosmetic preferences, and suit your lifestyle and vision needs. While our team can guide you in selecting the right frames, we also invite you to learn more about which frame styles complement different face shapes.

Square Face

A square face typically has a strong jawline, a broad forehead, and a wide chin and cheekbones. The face’s width and length are nearly equal. To make the face appear longer and soften its square angles, opt for frames that are slightly curved, resembling an oval shape. Look for frames with more horizontal than vertical space.

Oval Face

The oval face boasts balanced proportions, with a slightly wider forehead than the chin and high cheekbones. Frames should enhance the natural proportions of the oval shape. Choose frames that are as wide as or wider than the broadest part of your face, following your brow line. Diamond or rectangular shapes often complement oval faces.

Oblong Face

An oblong face is similar to an oval shape but is longer than it is wide. Ideal frames will create a visual break in the length of the face, shortening it. Look for frames with depth and a low bridge to minimize the nose’s appearance. Consider round, deep, low-triangle, or vertically oriented frames.

Round Face

Round faces have equal width and length, resulting in a full, circular appearance. Frames that add length to the face typically work well. Choose angular, narrow frames that are wider than they are deep. Avoid round frames, as they can accentuate the face’s roundness.

Heart-Shaped Face (or Base-up Triangle)

A heart-shaped face resembles a heart or an upside-down triangle, with a broad forehead and high cheekbones that narrow toward the chin. To balance the narrow chin, select frames that are wider at the bottom. Light-colored and rimless frames are often a good choice, as are aviator, butterfly, or low-triangle styles.

Base-Down Triangle Face

A base-down triangle face has a narrower forehead, full cheeks, and a broad chin. To counterbalance the broad chin, opt for frames that widen at the top. Frames with prominent color accents and top detailing work well. Cat-eye shapes also add width and emphasize the narrow upper face.

Diamond Face

A diamond-shaped face features high cheekbones, a narrow eye, and a jawline and is relatively rare. Oval frames with soft styles usually complement this shape. Look for frames with distinctive brow lines, rimless designs, or cat-eye shapes to highlight the eyes and cheekbones.

Remember, this is a general guide for reference. Our trained staff will assist you in selecting frames that best suit your lifestyle and preferences.

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