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Contact lenses are a popular and convenient way to correct your vision. At Eye2Eye Vision, we’re a skilled and caring vision center that offers both contacts and eyeglasses in Fargo and nearby areas. Whether you’re a new patient or a returning one, our aim is to provide you with top-quality service and care. When you visit Eye2Eye Vision, you can expect a warm welcome, a thorough eye exam, and, if necessary, the right vision correction options for your needs.

Are Contact Lenses a Good Fit for You?

Contact lenses are an excellent option for many people looking to achieve clear vision. Today’s advanced contacts are comfortable, cost-effective, and good for your eyes. You might be considering switching from glasses to contacts for various reasons, such as:

  • Better for Sports: Contacts can be safer and more practical for sports.
  • Improved Peripheral Vision: Contacts offer a broader field of vision.
  • Easier Sunglasses Use: They work well with all types of sunglasses.
  • Convenience and Cost: Contacts can be more convenient and affordable for some individuals.

Our experienced optometrist, Dr. Rene, will help determine if contact lenses are the right choice for you. Dr. Rene will ask about your specific needs and lifestyle and, with your input, create a vision correction plan that suits you best.

Have a Backup Plan

Dr. Rene advises that patients who wear contact lenses for daily vision correction should also have a spare pair of glasses available. Backup glasses come in handy for emergencies, like losing or damaging a contact lens, or if you develop an eye infection that requires you to switch to glasses temporarily. We offer a wide selection of affordable and stylish eyeglass frames and advanced lenses, and we’re a recognized Kodak lens center. We’re here to help you choose the right contact lenses and a fantastic backup pair of glasses that you’ll be happy to wear.

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